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In this blog, you will find information that may help to improve your stay in Second Life. This blog is a progressive work to help Second Life residents both old and new to make sense of this gamified virtual social platform called Second Life.  Information here is either based on my own experience learned over the years and information shared to me by other helpful veterans of Second Life. Use the category and/or the tag sections on the right-hand side of this page to quickly find what you want to know.


This site is operated by Flex

Flex Surf Beach Flex surf beach is an adult tropical surfing and fitness beach located at Luanda Angolo, off the south of the Atlantic ocean with stunning views of sunrise and sunset all year round. Relax on the white sand beach and experience the soothing sound of gentle lapping waves or head out to surf and surf jump onto multiple long waves.

Get fit on the beach gym with realistic training moves; explore various hidden romantic coves or just hang out with friends around the tropic bar and community games area.


We also operate Flex , a Second Life Marketplace store for skins, clothings and hairs.

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